Standard Change Makers Change Machines

Standard’s Modular Series change machines were designed for “simple function” coin dispensing. But don’t let that term fool you! These changers are excellent coin & token change machines, and offer a variety of ‘plug & play’ optional features to help you customize the machine to your specific business needs. For example, the dual acceptor or our “-DA” models feature our Dual Redundancy Feature – which allows communication between both bill acceptors and both coin hoppers. This allows the machine to dispense from both coin hoppers in case of one bill acceptors jams. That’s true built-in back-up!

The ArtiClean AW Series is the world’s first self-contained wall-mounted ozone laundry system. It requires no floor space for installation. The AW Series offers instantaneous-continuous flow of fully ozonated water that has been stripped of any potentially harmful off-gas. The system operates completely on a vacuum generated from the Venturi. This means the system stands by in an “idle” mode until the washers call for water. The AW Series ranges in capacity from our smallest unit that will handle a single 35 to 60 lb machine, up to a total of 600 lbs combined washing machine capacity. Flow rates, depending upon models, of fully ozonated water are from 10 to 55 gallons per minute. The AW Series comes standard with our Ozone DeGassing Chamber, our OLSC Controls, an industrial grade oxygen concentrator, and a Plasmatics ozone generator. The unit comes pre-built and ready to hang on the wall.

The VendMaster 894 is an eight‐column coin‐slide‐operated vending machine with a capacity of 184 vends.

  • Remotely receive hopper empty and stacker full alerts via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
  • Changer program updates by download or flash drive.
  • Advanced, unique 2-line user feedback display
  • 2 MEI bill acceptors take $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.
  • Bill recyclers each hold up to 30 outgoing $5 bills (60 total bills)
  • Bill recycler bill box holds 500 incoming bills.
  • 2 hoppers, each with a capacity of 5,600 quarters ($2,800 total)
  • Heavy-duty faceplate with powder-coat finish

High Mark offers something more than just utilitarian with our durable and attractive laminate tables with traditional styling. No matter the size of the laundry, these tables fit right in.

Choose from hundreds of high-pressure laminate colors and patterns to compliment any décor without compromising on quality or longevity.

All our tables are laminated top and bottom with a PVC edgebanding proven to outlast the old standards. The legs are built from 2″ powder coated tube steel to hold up to even the most demanding laundromat.

Available with or without back splash or upper shelves, they come in standard depths and lengths but can also be built to custom sizes for a wide range of configurations.

Validator Accepts: 1, 5, 10, 20
Stacker Capacity: 500 Notes
Dispenser Capacity: 700 Notes

Pictured with Option AC7770 High Security Base